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Are you looking for a new bible study idea? Tired of doing book studies? Want to unwind while you go deeper in your faith. Soul Coats: Restoration Study Guide is the FREE accompanying study guide as part of our adult coloring book. Think of this, coloring with a few friends as you discuss your faith. The study guide we have for download offers reflections and questions for every scene in the our Bible scenes and scriptures coloring book. You can pick a scene together and reflect on your thoughts as you color! If you enjoy coloring what could be better?!

Remember this: beauty is intricately linked to God’s dream for creation, a hope that promises one day all of the wrongs will be turned right and everything broken will be restored. You are a cherished participant in previewing this dream to the world in your world.

Unravel your creative efforts by coloring as you chase this beauty dream in our world.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the scripture illustrations on Genesis 28.


Think of the things in your life where you need to take a risk and make that first step. God will be with you in your journey. God will protect you in your choices. That’s not a formula, but a reminder you’re not alone.

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