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Picture yourself in the desert. The parched land, piercing heat, the dry air, hardly a space of restoration. Now picture living in that desert for forty years…. Most of us can’t even imagine it.


    • Have you ever been in a spiritual desert? Those prolonged moments where life is thrown into chaos, nothing goes as planned, you lose control, and the future seems perilously unknown?
      • Sometimes the desert experience takes years to emerge from. Once it does end, we can usually find God building us up to something better and deeper.
    • Think about a desert experience of your own. Pray for deliverance from the desert, an oasis on the horizon, and a renewed life with deeper wisdom.


    • What’s standing in your way right now? People? Job? Circumstance?


    • God can move the mountains, the sea, and anything in your way. It’s OK to ask for your obstacle to be removed. It’s also OK to ask and why your struggle is still in your way despite your petition.

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