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Solomon had it all if we counted his material wealth. But he struggled to know God with his whole being. His possessions and ambition blocked his vision to experience the mystery of God.

Today, culture would have us believe the more certainty you have, the better off you are. But is that really true?


  • Do you leave room for the mystery of God in your life?
  • How much effort do you place in making sure your life is in your control? (It rarely is!)


Uncertainty isn’t weakness, rather, it’s a place of mystery where we encounter the mysterious God. In a way, uncertainty is a place where our faith will continually take us—places where we have no other option but to trust in God.

Did you know?

This scene includes an homage to the Queen of Sheba. In Ethiopian tradition, when the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon, she returned and bore a son named Menelik. It’s also rumored that the Ark of the Covenant currently remains in Ethiopia. The angel faces depicted in this scene can be found in Ethiopian Coptic churches today.

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