It’s not often to find this prolific scene depicted in art, but we took the challenge and made it work for our coloring book.

Enjoy this reflection for one of the illustrations in our book. It’s part of our FREE study guide resource that you can download alongside our adult coloring book. Get this coloring resource here in its entirety.

Jesus’s life and ministry was fundamentally about the other. Whether it was the leper, the Samaritan, the blind, the prostitutes, the women, the tax collectors, the people you and I have trouble connecting with—these were Jesus’ people.

This story is about an unknown woman, cast out by her culture since womanhood, reaching out to Jesus. For years she’s been alone, and in a last ditched attempt at healing, from both physical and spiritual affliction, she hopes to merely touch the passing garment of Jesus as he walks through the crowd.


• Does your faith or prayers contain an exit plan with God?
• Do you pray for something but insert ‘but’ just in case your prayers aren’t answered?
• How would your prayers change with a stronger belief God will deliver?


• Think about a prayer request you have for God and approach with faith like the woman in this story that God WILL deliver.

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