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Even the seas listen to Jesus!

The disciples struggled with trust. Peter denied Jesus three times. Thomas was the doubter. Judas betrayed the Messiah. In this scene, a storm struck as some of the disciples were crossing a lake in a boat. With the Son of God in the boat (asleep mind you), they lost trust in their well-being!

It’s normal to struggle with trusting God in all aspects of your life—keep struggling.


• Return again (and again) to the place where you lean on God for safety. God’s waiting for you to call on him again.

Stay with GOD!
Take heart. Don’t quit.
I’ll say it again:
Stay with GOD.
(Psalm 27:6 – The Message)


• What’s something you continue to struggle with surrendering to God?
• If you did give God trust in this area, what’s the worst that could happened?

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