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This chapter in the bible is an alert between ‘false’ and ‘true’ worship. God makes it clear that going through religious motions matters little if we ignore what matters most: “remove the yoke from among you, the pointing of the finger, the speaking of evil…offer food to the hungry, satisfy the needs of the afflicted….(v. 10)” God’s treatment of his worshippers correlated to their treatment of the least among them.

This verse is a reminder that we are called to be people glimpsing God’s dream to repair and restore the streets and dwellings in our own city, not focused on our own religious needs.


  • Think of some spaces and places awaiting restoration in your neighborhood. How are you, or how can you, glimpse (even in the smallest of ways), restoration in these places?


  • Soul Coats: Restoration opened with an introduction that invited creators to be part of the beauty movement as a way to say, “yes” to God’s dream to restore and reconcile all of creation. You have a role in this dream. Where can you (or are already) say, “yes”?


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