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My friends at New Leaf recently conducted an experiment at one of their conferences–they added coloring in their reflective time. The results? A smash success!

Part of any conference or retreat includes spiritual formation time. Reflections, guided prayers, questions to ponder, music, are some of the tools. New Leaf did something different, they tried coloring.

Here’s what the organizers did. First, we sent them both of our free pages (actual scenes from the book) and they printed off enough copies for everyone. Then they printed off our accompanying reflection guide for the appropriate scene (our guide has all scenes from our book, but they chose the Crown of Thorns for this event). They also provided some simple coloring pencils for each table. Following some basic guided instructions at the start, they spent 15 minutes each day to dwell on the questions, focus on the colouring, and discuss any revelations.

The response from participants was overwhelmingly positive! Some were surprised they could worship through colouring. Others enjoyed the brief respite from life’s busyness.

I’m thrilled to share this story because it’s part of the reason why I made this book–not merely a colouring book–but a tool to help you reflect in a new formative way.

If you’re interested in running a similar session at your next event, I’d be happy to arrange a significant discount if you carry some of the books. You can still download the free pages and the free study guide without getting the books, but I’d appreciate the support!

Till next,