Have you every thought about coloring during your time with God? Some of us are more tactile and artistic when it comes to the ways we connect. What if you could do all 3? Read scriptures, immerse yourself in an artistic expression, and use your hands as you pray?

The Soul Coats coloring book provides a unique experience where you can color, express your creativity, and reflect on questions and scriptures to fuel your soul. Our coloring book comes with a FREE downloadable study guide so you can do the thing you enjoy while going deeper with the Lord.

Here’s an excerpt from the reflection guide on hand lettered scripture page Psalm 92.

What’s going on in your life right now? It’s not always easy to see, but God’s in ultimate control. Reflect on what that means in your life. What do you have to give God control in? Anxiety, sadness, happiness, relationships…..Remember that the Lord is your rock, and God’s plan for your life is the best possible life–maybe not the easiest–but the best!