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One of the fastest growing adult coloring book segments is the Religious/Inspirational category. Our book, Soul Coats: Restoration, was launched this Summer, and we’re gearing up for the Christmas rush. We’ve also been very grateful for the wonderful feedback on our book thus far! Here’s what some are saying,

Soul Coats is a unique coloring book with awesome illustrations. It’s put together much like Johanna Basford’s coloring books, it was a dream to color with all of my media, including artist and student-grade pencils and water and alcohol-based markers. Simply put this is a beautiful coloring book with quite a bit of variety in designs.

– 1-1 Coloring

This is without a doubt the best Bible themed coloring book on the market! It’s very unique as it illustrates lots of different bible stories in ways you’ve never seen before. The paper is very nice quality and the binding is easy to color in. If you are looking for something with a spiritual bible feel, this will be a great addition to your coloring book collection.

This is, without exaggeration, the most beautiful adult colouring book I’ve ever seen. It’s a work of art. You’re drawn into the pages and layers of meaning flow over you as you look at them. Because it’s a colouring book, you can participate in the images and enhance them too.

Very creative and collaborative with the different illustrators . Also provides opportunity to ponder the scenes as you spend time colouring.

Such a beautiful book! Congratulations to the creators, it’s a masterpiece!

What makes this book exceptional? Here’s what sets this limited edition publication apart.

1) Quality. The illustrations exceptional and unique, created by professional artists. 7 different illustrators contributed to the book which means unique variety. Two of them are some of the best in the business.

2) Construction. Our book rivals the best books on the market (not just Christian books), printed on heavy stock paper to optimize your coloring experience.

3) Story. Soul Coats isn’t just about coloring, our book tells a story, and not only that, it has a FREE study guide for those who want to go deeper.

Those are 3 reasons why people are saying Soul Coats is #1. Thanks so much for the kind reviews, it means a lot to us!