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It’s one of the few things every tradition in the Christian faith can agree upon—God sent his Son into the world. We use the word incarnation (Jesus fully God and fully human) to describe the incredible mystery that God wants to connect intimately with you and me.

I chose this scripture and translation because it’s unique. We don’t often think of the incarnation as Jesus literally moving into the neighborhood, nor how it might impact the way we live our faith in our own neighborhoods. Ever since that first evening in Bethlehem, to the greatest commandment (Matthew 22:34-40), our faith is defined by our pursuit to live out the character of Jesus in our neighborhoods and then beyond.


• The heart of the Christian faith is a call to live like Jesus in the places and spaces we are present, and that’s not reserved to our church community. Our neighborhoods are a key place where Jesus wants us living out his character.


• Think about your neighbors, how are you connecting with them?


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