Part of the commitment creating Soul Coats is quality. The race in the adult coloring book industry means a lot of books are produced quickly. We’ve found many adult coloring books aren’t very unique (they simply use stock photos and convert them to illustrations) and have thin paper that don’t work with pens. That’s OK if you’re just looking for utility, but we’re trying to make something beautiful. That means thinking about every aspect of the book from design to the paper. We want nothing but the best in our books so after testing numerous kinds of papers and thickness we made our choice to include a thick paper that’s both rugged and easy to the touch.

We’re all set with our printers, and will be putting the finishing touches on our book in about a month. That means we’re about a month away from pre-sale! I can also reveal we’re going to have some exclusive giveaways for pre-sale orders.

Stay tuned for details!