Hi, it’s Rohadi, creator of Soul Coats. I wanted to share part of the vision of the upcoming book series. To do that, I’ll show you a picture of this illustration posted recently on our Instagram feed.

I really like this frame because it was one of the first scenes Su, our main illustrator, produced. This was the image that made me say, “yea, we’re going to make this book.”

One of the keys to Soul Coats is a vision to produce a book that wasn’t only unique and inspirational, but beautiful as well. I want to be blown away by the art inside, and thought this was an area where we could set our book apart from the rest.

One way to make this happen is to ensure all of our illustrations are hand drawn. That means we’re not converting stock images or photos for scenes. The adult coloring books on the market that boast beautiful hand drawn illustrations are by no accident some of the top sellers, and we want to join them.

I can’t wait to share some more previews of our book coming out in June. I hope it’s both fun to color, and stunning to look at page by page. Stay tuned for more updates!

– R